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7% of adults worldwide face attention issues

That is 20 million people in the US alone.

adult ADHD: A 21st century epidemic?

Many western countries are experiencing dramatic increases in requests for diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adults. Particularly the awareness of ADHD in women is on a rise. The number of female patients being prescribed medication for ADHD more than doubled between 2019 and 2021. Various studies estimate that between 2,8% and 6,7% of adults are thought to live with ADHD, with the vast majority of these being undiagnosed

Untreated ADHD is linked to reduced quality of life, with negative effects on education, work, and relationship. Adult ADHD has also been associated with a 1.5x greater risk of serious transport accidents and agreater risk of developing a substance use disorder.

BrainBeams app

BrainBeams is a mental wellness app that supports brain activity for improved concentration.

  • BrainBeams utilizes brain's natural ability to synchronize with periodic external stimuli.

  • By harnessing this capacity of our brain, BrainBeams offers a unique and effective approach to improving concentration.

how does it work?

Previous research has shown that attention issues in ADHD are associated with a particular disbalance between theta and beta band oscillations in the frontal part of the brain.

BrainBeams app, with the help of your headphones and your smartphone’s camera flash, introduces patterns of rhythmic sounds and flashes aimed to induce  the effect of brainwave entrainment.
Through brainwave entrainment, BrainBeams helps to promote patterns of prefrontal activity characteristic for good concentration.

Who is it for

Treatment-resistant ADHD


  • One-third of ADHD patients report some symptoms persisting in the conventional treatment.

  • Audiovisual neurostimulation with BrainBeams may present a complementary means of addressing persisting issues.

Students, professionals & gamers


  • Anyone wanting to support their concentration in the face of the ever-more disruptive environment around us.

  • Students in many western countries increasingly resort to problematic and potentially illegal use of “smart drugs”. One-third of university students in the UK have used smart drugs which were not prescribed to them to boost their study results.

  • BrainBeams represents a safe, legal and available tool to support your concentration.


Mental wellness available for anyone

  • For various reasons, many adults suffering from attention problems do not have access to diagnostics or treatment.

  • Medication for ADHD is contingent on the medical diagnosis and neurofeedback treatment for ADHD is available only at specialized sites.

  • ​BrainBeams is available for you anytime and anywhere

About us


Ondřej Bečev, Ph.D.

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